Walmart+ Vs Amazon Prime - For subscription service


Walmart tries to undercut Amazon Prime with cheaper subscription servicePhoto by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

Walmart is again trying to compete or take on Amazon Prime with its own delivery subscription service. The new service, which is launching around September 15th, and they are planning to its name is Walmart+ and  it costs about  $12.95 a month or $98 a year, compared to $119 for Amazon Prime in the U.S. market.

In this price, subscribers will get unlimited free deliveries from stores on orders over $35 and More than 160,000 items are covered by this, it includes fresh groceries to household essentials. Walmart says these deliveries can be “as fast as same-day,” but it seems speed of delivery will be depend on what exactly is in each order and value of the item.

For attracting more customer from my view of point they will give Subscribers fuel discounts at affiliated gas stations worth up to five cents on the gallon and the option to shop in store using Walmart’s Scan & Go mobile app for pay bills through their phone directly by scanning items they want to buy. Walmart+ does not includes free delivery of items for very long distance that is available at, though many of these products already includes free two-day delivery for orders over $35.


Walmart+ isn’t entirely a new project for the retail giant it is also tested a similar service named Delivery Unlimited  last year at also offered free grocery deliveries for $98 a year very similar to this time, As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Walmart+ was originally discussed by their inernal members as a rebrand of Delivery Unlimited, which are they planning to launch in the spring. These plans were delayed due to pandemic as called covid-19. Existing Delivery Unlimited subscribers will be inducted into Walmart+ also.

Market analysts have long suggested that a this subscription service  plan could be attract millions of customers and providing  regular revenue to the company. However, it’s not clear that Walmart+ can compete directly with Amazon Prime or not. Amazon’s subscription service is costlier but its offers is  far wider range of benefits then Walmart+, amazon prime also access to the company’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, as well as Twitch Prime, Prime Music, free photo storage, and Prime Now, which offers one and two-hour delivery on certain items that is full entertainment or faster delivery in single price also Unlike Walmart+, Prime does not have a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free delivery that gives upper hand to prime.

It is tough competition for Walmart+ to compete with amazon prime in that price section.

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