Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Review- Gaming,Benchmarks score

 Well i received a lot of comments from you guys regarding pubg test on the redmi note 9pro max and how well it fears against the likes of Poco x2 that has liquid cooling inside.Well as far as comparison with the poco x2 goes i'll reserve that for a little bit but for now i'll dedicate this entire article to the redmi note 9 pro max and test out pubg and a few other popular graphics intensive games and benchmark tests on this device .

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Gaming and Benchmark Scores

let's see how well it handles everything the Redmi note 9 pro max has a snapdragon 720 g processor that is an 8 nano meter processor clocked at 2.3 gigahertz with 6 gigabytes of ram even in the base variant and it should do well in day to day tasks so i'll start off with the most popular game that is your all-time favorite pubg mobile and i've charged my device to 100 to give you guys an idea on what the battery drain looks like with continuous gaming on the smartphone.So,as you can see it has the turbo mode that is really helpful if you are in a game and you want to quickly reply someone or switch over your sim card and a lot more so i'll start off with the classic arena game in pubg which map is your favorite do write me in the comment section down below so i'll be sharing my experience in between the gameplay.

So overall as you can see i am at smooth and ultra settings because these are the maximum this device supports and i'll also check the fps that i am getting in between these sessions so fast forwarding a bit so the gameplay feels nice and smooth till now and i'm getting continuous 60 frames per second which is definitely great and i don't feel any stutters or frame drops till now but let's wait for a couple of more minutes till we see some of the action let's see the amount of battery discharged till now so the device lost almost five percent of the battery i think it's great for a session of pubg on maximum settings and you like how it performs plus i don't feel any major heating up after this whole session and i'm using the official case with it as most of you will be using it for a while too so yeah no such heating issues as such anywhere but of course the temperature is up a bit but honestly i don't even feel it all thanks to the 8 nano meter power efficient snapdragon 720 g processor so i'll play a couple of more games to put the maximum load on cpu and gpu and share my experience about it okay so moving on to the next game.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Call of Duty Review.

Call of duty so i've changed the graphics settings to very high and the frame rate to very high as well so as to push the device to its maximum oh right and the gameplay feels quite smooth as expected and the fps counter as you can see shows 60 frames per second so that is great and i'll play a session or two for around 20 more minutes and let you guys know about it so the game runs smooth overall even on high graphic settings and i'm pretty happy with the way things are right now with this device so no heating issues whatsoever and due to that huge 5000 mah battery you can game on it for hours till you have to charge it back again and overall i am impressed with the way this device handled all the games extremely well i have tested pogo x2 as well and giving you guys a preview but things do look better for the redmi note 9 pro max as compared to the poco x2 and more of that in the next video apart from this i also tried some casual games like temple run subway surfers and so on and i found no issues with any of them no glitches or frame drops or any heating issues what so ever so overall i'm really satisfied with the way this device performs in day to day tasks like a breeze and hopefully you guys will like it too plus

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Geekbench Benchmark Score Test

 i also run  geekbench benchmark on it to check for the overall scores and how well it compares with other devices and here is what the scoreboard looks like though i don't trust benchmarks but still just in case you wanted toknow here are the scores on your screen so in the geekbench 5 the redmi note 9pro max scored 563 points in the single core department and 1697 points in the multiscore department which is a respectable score for a device of this price segment and i also run antutu benchmark as the companies usually show it off so the redmi note 9 pro max code 2 lakh 77352 which is again a good score for this device actually benchmarks don't matter much in real life until the time i had with it ican say it's a great device to have in use anyways i'll be sharing a full review pretty soon and if you want any questions to be answered do let me know in the comment section down below and i'll try to cover it in the full review and i'll see you guys in the next one 

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