Top 5 Android Apps You Must Have In 2020

Top 5 Android Apps You Must Have In 2020

If you are fond of using the new app in your mobile, in this article today, we will tell about five such amazing apps for your mobile which you can use in your mobile and all this app will play you Will be found at the store.

There are many apps available on the Google Play Store but some of them are apps that do their job very well and some apps are absolutely useless but today we will tell you about five such apps which are very Is more amazing.

App download method.

To download any app, under that app, you will find the download link by clicking on it, you can download that app from the Play Store in your mobile.

1). Volume Booster.

If your mobile is old and your mobile speaker does not work well that means when you watch any song or any movie in your mobile and you do not get to hear the sound of your mobile properly then you can use this app Can increase your mobile voice.

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2). internet blocker

If you want to stop internet service from any app of your mobile then from this app you can stop internet service from any app. If you use this app on any app of your mobile then that app in your mobile But the internet will not work.

You can take advantage of this app in many places like your friend takes your phone from you and I play YouTube in my mobile, then you can turn off the internet from YouTube and video on YouTube when your friend will take your phone Or if nothing will happen, then he will give your phone back to you and you can do such things with this app.

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3). UnApp

If you download a lot of apps in your mobile and you forget to uninstall them, but there is a time when you go to install those apps but you find and uninstall one by one. A lot of your time is wasted, but with this app, you can delete any app of your mobile by marking them.

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4). Button Mapper Volume Key

This app is very amazing, with this app you can do a lot of apps with your mobile's volume button, such as opening any app, back to home, and many more tasks you can do with your mobile volume button If I can tell you what you do with your volume button, then only you reduce or increase the volume, but this app will bring some amazing features in your volume button that you don't In know.

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5). Double Song Earphone

If you like to listen to songs from your mobile care phone or headphones, with the help of this app you can play two different songs in your mobile care phone or headphones at the same time, such as another song in one headphone and the other You can play any other song in headphones and listen to them. If you do this, then your friends or family will be shocked by seeing this and will tell you how you did it.

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conclusion- I hope these infromation will help you alot thankyou..


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