how you can find out the location of your friends from their number

find out the location of your friends from their number

Hello friends, in this article today, we will tell you how you can find out the location of your friends from their number, yes friends, in today's article you will be told how you can track your friends' mobile number How can we know their location.

If you want to find the location of your friend or your girlfriend's mobile number right now, you want to know where your friend is at the moment and what he is doing, then today we will tell you a trick that you can know Friends, you must have seen a lot of videos on YouTube on this thing and you must have read a lot of articles and you have used many applications. Do not you have not received the results good, but today we can find will tell you a great trick that even the location of just his mobile number.

How to know location from mobile number?

You must first download a publication in your mobile, which you can click on the download below and download it from the Play Store to your mobile. You can see the complete information about the application below, which application you have to download and What is his name you see below.

Complete information of the app.

App name - Mobile Number Location Tracker.

You have to download this app in your mobile. Look at the application name and icon well, you will find many applications like this on the Play Store, but the one that works best is this application, then you should first put it in your mobile download.

What to do after the app is downloaded.

  • Once your application is downloaded in your mobile, then you open that application in your mobile and you have to give all the permissions that you are asked to give, after giving all the permissions, how do you place your mobile number in the application Have to know, now know that.

  • After giving all the permission to the application, you will get an option in this application, where the search number will be written, you have to click on it, after clicking on it, you will see an option on the top where it will be written, then you will be there You have to enter the number of your friend whose location you want to know.

  • After entering the number, you will see an option below, where the track number will be written, you have to click on it, after clicking on it, you will first tell which company belongs to this number and which state at this time If you are walking in, then you will get a little hint of what place this number belongs to and which company belongs to it.

  • After doing all this, you will get two options at the bottom, one of which will be the option of Google Map, you have to click on Google Map and the location of the number which is currently present will be opened in your Google Map, which you will find on Google Map Through you can track where your friend or your girlfriend is right now.

  • In this way you can find out where your friend is at the moment. Friends, such a trick no one will tell you, if someone tells them, they are all completely fake, those tricks do not work at all, but today we have given you a trick in this article. It has been said that this trick will work well for you and you can use this track.

Very important information,

Friends, it takes a lot of hard work to write this article and for you, we have to do a lot of searching to write an article on this topic and if you share this article with your friends then we get the fruits of our hard work if If you liked this article of ours then you must tell in the comment and if you share it to your friends then we will be very happy thank you guys Do not give precious time, read this article.

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