How to set video Ringtone on mobile latest Trick

How to set video Ringtone on mobile latest Trick

In this article today, we will tell you how you can set caller ringtone on your mobile, yes friends, if you want to install a video ringtone on your mobile, in this article today we will tell you that you can make audio ringtones How to put video ringtone on your mobile instead

This video ringtone will make you feel so much better when a friend or your girlfriend calls you on your mobile, then a video will play on your caller screen and you will also get a very clear audio which means that you will sing your favorite song. You can put audio plus video on your mobile ringtone, in today's article, we will tell you all this.

First task to apply video ringtone

By the way, you will not find any such trick in your mobile, then how will you bring this pick in your mobile, first of all we tell you that for this you will have to download an application in your mobile which you can download from the play store You can reach the play store if you click on the red button below and you can easily download this application from there

App name - Love Video Ringtone And Incoming Call.

To install video ringtone on your mobile, you have to download this application. You can see the name and icon of this application above and for downloading you will get the red download button below, by clicking on it, this application in your mobile Download from Play Store

How to use love video ringtone app.

  • After downloading this application in your mobile, when you open it in your mobile, then you have to give some permission to this application, after giving this application, you will reach the main interface of this application, there you will find a lot of videos In this application, you will first have to download your favorite video ringtone in your mobile.

  • After downloading any video, you have to click on the video that you have downloaded, you will get a button of video ringtone set at the bottom if you click on it and then apply it from there, then your video The ringtone will sound on your mobile ringtone.

  • Video ringtone is very easy to apply in this application, just like you put wallpaper in your mobile, in this way you will be able to put video ringtone in your mobile with this application and you will get thousands of absolutely new songs of video ringtone.  you can set them and absolutely surprise your friends.

friends i hope you all will try this amazing trick.comment down your views towards this trick .
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