how to remove unwanted image from background | latest android trick 2020

how to remove unwanted image from background

Friends, if you are fond of taking photos and come behind some such idle in your photo, because of which your photo is completely spoiled and you want that how can we make our photo beautiful by removing the useless things from that photo In today's article, we will tell you about it. How to remove unnecessary items from photos

Friends, it happens sometimes. Let's say that you went to the Taj Mahal to get your photo taken and a dog came in your photo and because of that dog, your photo was totally spoiled and you want me to take that photo By removing that dog from you, you can make your photo beautiful, but to do this, either you need a computer, then here you go to the photographer and get that photo edited. Defense does but will not do so, you will need a computer nor the photographer a way you can delete the unnecessary objects from your photos from your mobile adds in your photo.

If you want to know about this amazing trick right now, how this trick will work in your mobile, then read this article from the beginning to the end very carefully, if you do not fall carefully then you will not do this trick Will be able to learn

What To Do To Remove Unwanted Object From Our Photo.

  • First of all, you will have to download an application in your mobile which you will find on the play store, how to download this application and how to use it, you will be told in this article.
App Download Method-

You can download this application from Play Store in your mobile after clicking download button below.

App Name and logo: Remove Unwanted Object.

  • When you download this application for the first time in your mobile, you have to first open this application in your mobile and after opening this application you will have to give all the permissions to this application if you ask for any permission. If you do not give this application, then this application will not do its work properly, then pay all permission to this application carefully.
  • After downloading the application, you have to open this application in your mobile, after that you have to remove the useless items from your photo, you have to bring that photo inside this application, after bringing the photo inside the application, you will be very You will get all the tools, you will get only one of them which will be of the year.
  • You have to select a brush tool from there, after that you will see a brush on your mobile screen, you run it on the part that you want to remove from your photo, like if a bird has come in your photo, then you If you put that bus on top of a bird, that bird will disappear from your photo.
  • In this way, friends, you can make your photo beautiful by removing anything unnecessary from any of your photos and you can get praise from your friends, this trick will be very useful for you because no one tells you this and the photo To remove something from you, you have to use expensive software but you can do that big work in a pinch with this application.
  • Friends, we have told you a very amazing trick, by which you can make your photo very beautiful by removing the unnecessary things of your photo, we have to work very hard to find this trick if you If we share together, we will get the fruits of our hard work.


Friends, I hope you have liked the information given by us, if you have liked the information given by us and our hard work, then you must write your suggestions and ideas in the comment below so that we will know that you will write articles If you like it or not, then please let us know.Thank you guys, taking your precious time and taking time to read this article, we appreciate your time.

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