how to make your smartphones battery health excellent

how to increases battery backup strong in smartphone

Today's article is going to be very amazing for all of you, if your mobile battery runs out quickly and you want to increase it, then in this article today we will tell you some things that if you use in your mobile If you do, you can run your mobile battery backup for a long time.

In today's time, many expensive mobiles have come, which give us a very heavy battery, but according to that, our battery is able to run for only 10 to 12 hours. Our mobile has some such big games and we have friends Talking on social media with us, due to which our mobile battery runs out quickly, in just 5 to 6 hours our hundred percent battery is exhausted and our Mobile charging also takes a lot of time, during that time we feel or our mobile battery is completely damaged, but if you use the settings mentioned in the article and follow some tips, then your mobile battery will Can be used comfortably for 2 to 3 days.

Steps to increase battery level of your smartphone

  • After today, whenever you use your mobile, you use your mobile's brightness in a very small amount, what will happen if your mobile battery will last for a long time because the biggest reason behind the loss of our mobile battery is our mobile There is a display and if we use more light on that display, due to this, our mobile battery drains quickly. whenever you use your mobile, you have to reduce your brightness to increase the battery of your mobile, this will increase your mobile battery to a great extent.

  • You have to make your mobile ringtone and your mobile's message tone absolutely silent because of what happens, our mobile internet is on all the time, due to which our friends' messages on our WhatsApp and Facebook or we are in a group We get messages from him, due to which our battery makes a difference, we are not even using our mobile and we get messages During our impact on the battery take care of this thing whenever you use now to your mobile if you use it on your mobile on silent.By doing this you will have two advantages, one is that the battery of your mobile will run for a long time because if a message comes on your mobile, then the sound of that message is heard from your speaker, if you stop the sound of your mobile then There will be no effect on your battery.
  • When we sleep with our mobile at night, we leave our mobile's internet turned on or if you use wifi, then we leave it on, due to which our mobile network our internet and wifi Due to which our battery is consumed, you have to take special care of this whenever you use your mobile and you keep your mobile If you are, then you must turn off your mobile internet and wifi.
  • We use a lot of applications in our mobiles and when we use all those applications in our mobiles, then we leave all those applications in the minimized type of our mobiles, due to which all those applications in our mobile background Is working due to which our battery has a lot of effect due to which our mobile is also hot and our Batteries are also over quickly.

This thing must be kept in mind whenever you are keeping your mobile after using it, then you will have to close all the apps of your mobile which you had opened in minimized type and all the useless apps you have Download them in your mobile and delete them from your mobile too, because that application is not of your use, by selling you notifications, you consume your battery. .
If you do not get it, you will regret a lot.

Friends, if you have used all the things mentioned in this article in your mobile or if you will use it, then by doing this, your mobile battery will see you growing very much, you can use your mobile battery for a long time.


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