how to get bubble notification of whatsapp like facebook messenger -New whatsapp Trick 2020

how to get bubble notification of whatsapp like facebook messenger -New whatsapp Trick 2020

You must have used Facebook Messenger in your mobile at some time to talk to your Facebook friends as if you know that if anyone messes us on Messenger, then a bubble comes on our mobile screen so today we will give you Show you how you can bring the same kind of bubble in your WhatsApp.

That bubble of Messenger is very useful because we can answer anyone's messenger by clicking on that bubble, we do not need to open our Messenger, so some people want a similar circle in WhatsApp but In WhatsApp, we do not get any such option in which we can bring a shell like Messenger in our WhatsApp.

But you have no need to panic, in this article today, we will tell you how you can bring Bubble Bubble like Facebook Messenger to your WhatsApp with the help of a small app. WhatsApp

How to enable bubble on whatsapp?

For this, you will have to download an app in your mobile, how and where to download that app, and also the name of the icon and how to use it, you will get information in this article.

Full info of this app.

Enable WhatsApp Bubble Like Messenger New Super Trick
App Name a WhatsApp bubble enable bubble like messenger.

To download this app, you have to copy the name of this application from here and then go to the search of play store and paste this name and search whatever app you see at the top, download it in your mobile and Use it.

How to use the app.

  • After downloading the app, open it and make all permissions bonuses. If you do not allow any permissions then you will not be able to bring bubble like Facebook Messenger in your WhatsApp, then carefully bonfire all permissions.

  • After that you will get 3 lines at the top, you have to click there and there you will get an option. Settings, you have to click on the Settings option, after that you will get a lot of options, while there you will get an option where it will be written Enable bubble. Have to click on it.

  • After clicking on Enable Bubble, you do not have to do anything. Now whenever your friend will messenger you on WhatsApp, you will see that bubble in the screen of your mobile, by clicking on which you can see his Messenger and you can also Can also answer.

  • Friends, this trick and it is very amazing because with the help of these tricks and apps, you can now use your Facebook Messenger Bubble in your WhatsApp, how did you like this trick.

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