How to customise your navbar in Android phone

How to customise your navbar in Android phone

In this article today, we will tell you one such amazing intelligence trick of the mobile navigation bar, which if you use it in the navigation bar of your mobile, then all your friends will be able to see it and make friends, the navigation of your mobile is a bit simple. There are only three buttons in it, one of which is a present one and a back button, no one chooses to see it.

But in this article today, we will tell you a wonderful trick outside mobile navigation, which if you do in your navigation bar, your friend will be shocked by seeing it. With the help of this trick, you can make your own in the navigation of your mobile. You can write the name if you also want to write your name in your mobile navigation, then rate the article from start to finish.

To write your name in mobile navigation, you just have to download a small application in your mobile which you will find easily on the play store. Using this application you can write your name in your mobile navigation. How to download the application You will be told in this article how to use it.

How to download the application.

To download the application in your mobile, you will have to search the name of this application in the play store and the application you get at the top, you have to download it in your mobile, if you are having any problem in searching the application then you will see red below You can download this app from the play store by pressing on the colored download button.

Complete information of the app.

App Name - Smart Navbar

  • Set Your Name after downloading this application in your mobile, you have to give two permissions to this application. After both permissions are allowed, you will get a battery option at the bottom of this application, you have to click on it and from there you will get that battery option. Has to be closed.

  • After turning off the battery option, you will get an option where the new bar tax will be written, you have to click on it and you have to enter some name there like if you want to write your name on the new bar of mobile then you There you have to write your name and after that you have to add it by clicking on the plus button from the top. 

  • Ater adding, you will get the down side animation scale, you have to increase it and its Later you will get the Duration Scale, you have to reduce it so that your animation works perfectly.

  • Friends, not only that, you can also change the new war of this application, you get four free animations in it, out of which you can use them and the rest of the options you will get are all money, then you have your free Use free animation to decorate the number.

Friends, this trick is a bit difficult but if you are easy to understand, then you use this trick again, if you have not understood anything, then you will have to read the article again, then you will understand all the things well.
In this way, you can give a very amazing look to your mobile navigation bar, by which all your friends will ask you how you did this trick, friends, if you are bored by looking at the old navigation style of your mobile. So now is the chance that you do something new, seeing that your friends ran behind you and asked you how you did it.

Wrap up-

Very important information must be read.
We keep bringing such a few tricks related to Android mobile on our website daily for all of you, seeing which you can use your mobile in a better way, so in today's article, we have given you a very best of this way Great treatment was told, we hope you have liked this trick told by us, if you have liked this trick, then you can give your suggestion and idea.

Thank you guys, thank you for your time in reading this article.

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