Google Duo App -How to Use Google Duo app

Google Duo App -How to Use Google Duo app 

Hello friends, in this article today, we will tell you what is Google do application and how you can use it in your mobile, if you take a new mobile then in a folder of Google you will have to see many applications of Google If you get one of those applications, Google Duo, then how will we use this application in our mobile and by using it? Or it will be explained to you in this article today.

What is Google Duo App?

First of all, we talk about what Google Duo is, Google Duo is a Google product that you can talk to your friends on video calls, yes friends, with the help of this application you can talk to your friends on video calling. In this application, you get to see a lot more great features than other applications, which if you do not find in any other application then Google app Your job is that you can talk to your friends on video calling. This is the work of Google Duo.

You must have talked to your friends at some point on a video call on mobile and you have used in your mobile to talk about WhatsApp video call or IMO video call but it does not have clear HD at all. Low quality If you see the video quality in the video and its sound is not good enough, then the Google Duo application is much better than this and if you use the video Programmed call will get a different experience with your friends.

  • App name - Google Duo Highest Video Calling App from Google.

To download the Google Duo application, you should go to your mobile play store and write in the search of the play store, the name of this application and you will see this application at the top and download the application with the same name and the same people in your mobile.

How to use Google Duo?

  • First of all, you have to update the Google Duo application given in your mobile from the Google Play Store, or you can download this application from the Play Store in your mobile, update and download the application so that you can get whatever new features in this application. Come find it.

  • After downloading the application, open the application in your mobile. After opening the application, whatever you ask to separate the permission, you have to give all the permission to Google Duo application. After giving all the permission, what do you do in this application? This is definitely know.
  • You have to register with your mobile number in this application, whatever is your mobile number, you have to put it in this application and create an account on your Google Duo application, just like you create your account, Sim on WhatsApp, you have to create your account in Google Duo application. I will also have to make it.
  • Once your account is created on the Google Duo application, all the mobiles you have are connected and if you are using Google Duo application then you will see the name of all those contacts there, you will see the video with those friends You can make calls just like you do on WhatsApp, you can also make video calls in Google Duo.

Using Google Duo application is very easy as you run WhatsApp in your mobile, in the same way you can also use Google Duo application in your mobile and you can chat with your friends on video call.

Goods of Google Duo App.

If you use WhatsApp or emo to make video calling with your friends, then you do not see a good quality of your video in WhatsApp, and the audio that comes with it, that is, what your friend tells you. It is also that you do not listen well and your video goes ahead and its audio comes back so that

If we talk about this compared to Google Duo application, then in Google Duo application you will get video quality and audio quality even more than HD, because Google Duo application is an application of Google and if you talk about Google it is not a pleasure. Because Google does a lot of research on its own things and makes an application of its own.

And most importantly, you don't even need to download the Google Doo application in your mobile because Google gives you this application by installing itself, then you must use this application if you want to chat with your friends on video calling. .

wrap up-

In this article today, we told you how you will use your mobile's given Google Duo application in your mobile. We hope you have liked the information of Google Duo given by us, if you have liked it by us. If you have liked this information of Google to application then you must share it with your friends and your related.

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